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Recapping Google I/O 2019 In 7 Minutes


Fully-sponsored by Google, Bapusaheb Patil shares what it’s like to attend Google I/O 2019!

Bapusaheb Patil — Meet the Mentors 


An interview I gave for, an online education platform, where I’m a Mentor.

Career Advice From A 20-Year-Old – A Roadmap To App Development


An interview I gave for, a mobile app testing platform.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Developers


A practical guide breaking down the LinkedIn profile page, part by part, for developers.

How to line up a tech job while you’re still a student


Score that first tech job by showcasing your work — and yourself — the right way.

The Importance Of Making A Meme For A Public Talk

Be Yourself

Why and how I make memes to add a little humor & entertain an audience for my public talks at conferences/meetups.

Why You Don’t Need to be a 10x Engineer


Everybody’s talking about 10x Engineers. Do they even exist, or is this just imposter syndrome? Let’s break it down.

Migrating to Android 10: When You’ve Had Too Much Dessert


What new features does Android 10 bring, and more importantly, how can you prepare your app to seamlessly migrate to it.

Store Your API Keys More Securely Using CMake & Kotlin


Keep your API keys private in Android and secure them using Native C/C++ code.

CameraX: Make photography easier on Android!


Goodbye complicated Camera2 API, and hello CameraX. Explore the new features that makes CameraX easier to implement.

Why should you build your next app with Flutter?

The Softway Blog

Fluttering towards Flutter in Softway

What’s New In Dart 2.3?

Flutter Community

A quick walkthrough of the new features & changes in Dart 2.3!

How To Submit An App For Flutter Create

Flutter Community

A guide on getting started with Flutter Create, a contest that encourages developers to build minimal Flutter apps.

Kotlin Coroutines: Let it async in


Learn how to create and implement Kotlin Coroutines, how they work, and how to use them in advanced cases.

Recognizing Text with Firebase ML Kit on iOS & Android


A practical guide to implementing the text recognition feature with Firebase ML Kit.

“OK, ML Kit, how smart are you?”


An intro to the ML Kit and why you should learn more about it.

Dear Google’s Permissions Declaration Form, Can We Break Up?


Get rid of Google’s Permissions Declaration Form from your Play Console even after you’ve removed SMS & Call permissions from your app.

Fire Off Tasks On Android With WorkManager


Learn about WorkManager, Google’s new API, that can easily help you schedule tasks more efficiently.

App Actions & Slices — Extending your app to Google Search & Google Assistant


How to create a simple Slice for your app & let users perform tasks outside of the app with a richer UI.

Caching with Retrofit — Store responses offline


Modifying your Retrofit to make your app offline-friendly without a database…

Making Notch-Friendly Apps For Android…


How to make your app support edge-to-edge screens with notches.

A Practical Guide To Android App Bundle For Beginners


Exploring the new app publishing format for Google Play…

Reduce Your App’s APK Size, Even If You Use Realm


How to reduce your app’s size even when you use Realm Database for Android.

iOS vs Android: How Do I Choose? — Part 1


This is the first article of a two-part series in which you’ll learn about the differences between iOS development and Android development.

iOS vs Android: How Do I Choose? — Part 2


This is the second article of a two-part series in which you’ll learn about the differences between iOS development and Android development.